Mulva Library Artifacts


An object made by a human being, typically an item of cultural or historical interest. This special class of archival material, usually physical items used in dedications of buildings, anniversary events, or items produced by college departments to publicize their respective areas. They are also called 'realia'.


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St. Norbert College banner
A felt banner with emblem and words "St. Norbert" in gold on green background.

Date of banner is 1920

A silk banner with gree background and yellow edging. Background has ST. NORBERT in yellow capitals. A St. Norbert Green Knight emblem is in yellow at the bottom.

A small prayer book in English by Rev. Gregory G. Rybrook, O. Praem. The book is the 7th edition and was published in St. Nazianz, Wisconsin in 1928. Father Rybrook, from Holland, was at St. Norbert Priory at the time.