Lloyd Alexander Collection


In August 2012, Professor Robert Boyer donated his personal collection of Lloyd Alexander's published works. The collection also includes correspondences between Boyer and Alexander, including Christmas cards and letters. Lloyd Alexander had been a very successful author in young adult fantasy literature. His works include, "Time Cat," "Chronicles of Prydain," and the "Golden Dreams of Carlo Chuchio."


Lloyd Alexander


Lloyd Alexander Correspondance

Twenty-one letters exchanged between Dr. Robert Boyer and Lloyd Alexander dating from 1978 to 2005. Most are from Alexander to Boyer; some are copies of Boyer's to Alexander.

Lloyd Alexander Collection

Miscellaneous items from the Dr. Boyer's Lloyd Alexander collection including a concert recital program, french soup recipe and life celebration invitation.

Christmas Cards

Orginial, hand-made Christmas cards by Lloyd Alexander himself sent to Dr. Robert Boyer. Outside front of each card is orginal art work by Alexander (pen, ink and watercolor) which was then reproduced to be sent to friends. Each piece of art contains a clue to a favorite piece of music of Lloyd's, and the art features cats. Inside each card contains a personal hand-written greeting and is signed Lloyd and Janine.